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2010-11-20 10:18:42 by NotVeryGoodAt-This

Hey fella's and lady fella's sam here or my alias is DJAbcent or just abcent.
Anyway i broke my computer a few months ago but now i will be able to
make more music and upload it!
Stay tuned for some more music.
If you look at my older post's scince my laptop broke i had to use my old computer
which has a crap internet so i thought stuff internet and i will just focus on Fl
and now i have improved somehow ^^
I also made a new image to go with my new name!!! like it ?

Anyway just to let you know!



Hey Everyone ! I'v only just signed up to N.G about ?!?!?! 30 mins ago ??? :D anyway here is the low-low down: i have been using FL(demo) for over 3-4 months and got in some time and then i got Fl Producer Edition Last Week For My 15 B-day. And by the sound of my 1st song i posted i'm not that good ! But i want to be a Music Producer as a career when i am an Adult. (Also do a bit of Dj'ing in IBIZA) but not everything can come true so now i am going to grind my @ss of on FL !!! W00t so i can make it!

Just saying all of you Big time Producers on here that Have made it can u give me some tips/guide lines?? because we all know when we start making music or making games Where do i start !!?!?!
That's what i think when i make a new Project in FL. And at one point u BIG PRODUCERS was like me had just got FL hadnt a Clue what u was doing and just wanted to make your own music.

If u learnt by ur self Good on ya but at one stage we all went on Youtube and looked up Tutorials on how to Master a song How to Structure a Song (Trust me i have tryed How to make a Melody and Stuff) And i was just saying plz i will post some of my songs on here and dont be afraid to Say to me : " That was Crap! " but what ever you do dont tell me to give it up because i will just tell you to go and do one! :) but after you talk tell me how to improve it how you would like to hear it.......

Well that's all i have to say now i think.....

Please Read this and Help me Through The Steps and Maby i might be able to help You !!!

Sam, <(^_^)>